Saturday, 9 July 2011


Possible Songs
Material Girl- Madonna
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go-Wham!
Everybody Wants to Rule the World-Tears For Fears
Take On Me-A-Ha
Karma Chameleon-Culture Club
9 to 5-Dolly Parton
Acceptable in the 80s-Calvin Harris
Don’t You (Forget About Me)-Simple Minds
Oh Yeah-Yello
Love Lost-The Temper Trap
God Only Knows-The Beach Boys
Changes-David Bowie

Character Descriptions
Mia Carter; A stuff-obsessed teenager, Mia is very modern and very spoilt. She is Josh’s twin sister and Regina’s daughter. After having all of her electronic devices confiscated, Mia is sent back in time to the 1980s by a record, and has to learn to survive without an iPod, phone or laptop. Mia can be selfish, but she is also determined and logical.
Josh Carter; Josh is less technologically-entranced than his sister, but is also drawn into the 1980s. Josh is very easily distracted and kind of an idiot. Whilst in the 1980s, he falls in love with a local girl, Soph, but it eventually becomes obvious that they can’t be together.
Axel; Axel is a teenager living in the 80s, and the one who discovers the children in the attic. He is the past owner of the house that the children live in in the future. Axel is embarrassingly out of date, and uses awkward 80s phrases. He is enthusiastic towards the children, and very impressed with their knowledge of things that haven’t happened yet.
Soph; One of Axel’s friends, Soph is another 80s teen. She falls for Josh because of his nature, although by today’s standards he is very annoying and immature. Soph is flirtatious and outgoing, but borders on clingy.
B-Dog/Magnet; B-Dog and Magnet are some of Axel’s friends in the 80s, as you can tell from their names.
Regina Carter; Regina is Mia and Josh’s mother, and is seen at the beginning and end of the play. She cares for her children and hopes that they do not covet stuff as much as she did when she was a child. She and Mia have a tense relationship, but eventually they learn to accept each other. Regina confiscates her children’s electronic items
Young Regina/Gi-Gi; A younger version of Regina. As a child, Regina was extremely rude and spoilt, like a more extreme version of Mia. Stuff, however outdated it is, is also a problem for her. Regina commands a clique of popular girls and has strong faith in the embarrassingly out-of-date  stuff that she worships, and in this way mirrors her daughter.
Newsreader; Seen in the projection, the Newsreader acts as your typical 1980s TV personality; big hair, bright colours, and corny dialogue.

Scene-by-scene synopsis
Scene 1; Kids come home, find their things confiscated, conflict with Mum. Mention stuff + 80s.
Scene 2; Go to attic, Mia wants stuff more than Josh, Josh plays 80s record, time travel sequence
Scene 3; Children meet the son of the house, snaps record therefore trapping them in the 80s, run to prove that house is theirs, rooms are different. The children turn on the TV and realise that they are in the 80s.
Scene 4; Mia and Josh are introduced to Axel’s friends who are all impressed with Josh’s knowledge of the 80s and his jokes, which would now be considered corny. Mia is informed that her young mother owns a copy of the record, and attempts to get close to her, but is rejected. Axel pleads with Young Regina, who eventually invites them all to her party that night.
Scene 5; The twins are at the party, with Axel and his friends, as well as Young Regina. Mia realises the record playing is the one that they need in order to travel back to the present, and attempts to steal it.
DANCE; ???
Scene 6; Josh, Mia, Axel and his group of friends come to the attic with Young Regina’s record, which they begin to play. Josh is tempted to stay in the 80s with Soph, but then realises that she is the younger version of his geography teacher.
Scene 7; Children come back to present and apologise for bitchiness. The mother admits that in the 80s, she too had heaps of stuff, and the children act surprised. The family is reunited in a way, and the children realise that their stuff has been holding them back from having a happy life.

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